Friday, January 25, 2013

Zen hospice status 1/24/13

Jean's bedside garden
Tulips and daffodils from Nick Galloro
 Bouquet of red roses from Matt Garber/Cindy Fressola
Orange roses from Catherine Gasparini
Ivy plant with umbrella from Ken Eisenstaedt
Photo is a Jean & Matt wedding picture
The Buddha's an temple bell belongs to Jean
Jean has had fewer nausea episodes and milder tremors since Saturday, and her voice has regained enough strength to allow whispering to caregivers and her numerous visitors.  Jean has been enjoying connecting with family and friends, but it is important for visitors to know what to expect.  If you visit us at the hospice, she may watch videos with you, or have a conversation; or your interaction may just be to hold her hand and talk to her while she listens intently and responds to questions with squeezes; or she may doze off.  She may also doze off if you Skype with her or talk on the phone.

One piece of worrisome news: she has started coughing when drinking, so for the time being she's only taking thickened fluids; even her beloved green tea lattés must get this distasteful treatment