Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jean, the grade school years

Louise, René, Jean

Please send your memories and appreciations of Jean in her grade school years to, and we will incorporate them herein.

This snapshot of young Jean, so full of life, was excerpted from email written by Linda Hutchins on New Years Day 2013.  Linda grew up with Jean in Ann Arbor, was a computer professional once upon a time (such apostates do exist), and is now a noted artist whose work has appeared in several galleries.  Linda lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, John Montague; their son, Eric, is in college, pursuing an interest in mechanical engineering and robotics

Infectious Enthusiasm

I keep thinking about all our shared interests as friends growing up, and how your infectious enthusiasm, Jean, often drove those interests. Maybe it was partly because you were a year older and I looked up to you and wanted to emulate you? But also I think it was the force of your attention and passion about things. Knitting, ice skating, morse code, magic and witchcraft - I feel like I took the cue from you in all those interests. When I was around you it was impossible not to be interested in what you were interested in. I noticed this again in October, when John and I visited you and Matt for the afternoon. I'm sure Matt knows what I'm talking about too. I wonder if you're aware of that quality in yourself, and if you identify it with either of your parents? Your mother was an incredible gardener, and cooked the best breaded and fried zucchini and eggplant I ever tasted. My mother cooked that too, but only after she learned from your mother, so maybe there was some infectious enthusiasm between them, too.