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Zen Hospice Journal 1/29/13 -- Somewhere in California it's Already Springtime

Jean at the Zen Hospice 1/28/13
Squeezing wrist exercise ball,
Wearing T-shirt for the Waves To Wine MS Ride

In Brief

After getting out of bed Friday and Saturday, Jean worked with her squeeze ball Sunday morning, and you can see the defiance and determination on her face.  But soon afterwards she started having more problems with nausea, and Monday and Tuesday she slept most of the day, needing to postpone some visits.  It's possible that the fatigue Tuesday could have been a reaction to taking Ativan to stop a tremor, and we're hoping Wednesday will be better.

Dept. of belated gratitude: Thank you everyone for keeping us in your thoughts...

Bed Four's corkboard at the Zen Hospice 1/29/13

Some of Jean's visitors and their gifts have not been acknowledged, and some of Jean's most devoted friends have not visited the hospice at all.  Here's part of that story, from the corkboard and other photos.

Beverly Epstein made the blouse hanging in the bottom left.  If you look closely, you might be able to tell that the tag on the inside has a picture of Beverly and her horse.  Along with the garment, Beverly gave Jean this note. 

If you feel like wearing something "busy" with personality here you go.  Paisley, buttons, has a little of everything.  If someone lost a button on their shirt, you could certainly give them one without it being missed on this top!

...May your days be filled with sunshine and your nights be warm with memories.

Ian Austin brought the rose drawing, above and to the right of the blouse, when he visited on January 24.

Inside the Fleur-de-lis card
Our good friend Craig sent the card with the bright stickers above and to the left of the blouse, as well as the one with the gold fleur-de-lis to the right of the rose drawing.  There part of a wonderfully creative series of over 50, which Craig started sending when Jean was diagnosed with a brain tumor in May 2011.  The sticker card is in honor of "Romney Navy" day, the other of "Gilding the Fleur-de-lis Day." This is typical, and Jean has been doing her cheery best to honor the holidays as Craig proclaims them.

Amy Garber took the picture, of Jean and her sister Anne at our house on Wood St.

Pam Cory brought the Michael Jackson icon at the very top.

Roger Weise sent the print of one his oil paintings, to the right of the icon.  For more on Roger's art, go to

And finally, Denise Heick and Linda Peters brought this resplendent rose bouquet with them when they visited Jean on January 24.

...and thank-you universe for the hope from something that cares not at all about us

Acacia tree, Laguna & Fell

 We do have seasons in the Bay Area, including a definite winter, even if our temperatures rarely fall below freezing.  We shiver in warm winter clothes, hemmed in by short days, just like the rest of North America; and then along comes late January, and life is sweet again.  The acacia tree is always an early bloomer, its abundant bright yellow blossoms proclaiming, "Things have changed."  There's a short row of them planted at the corner of Fell and Laguna, just four blocks from the hospice.  This week, obdurately unaware to the human dramas unfolding nearby, their blossom buds began to open.  If one happened to be taking a break from sitting at a beloved's bedside, and was delighted by the sight of this new growth, one might return to that bedside with a vague sense of renewed hope.  The currents of life run richly all around us, one of them may yet carry us to safety.
Acacia blossoms close-up

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