Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Circle of Lives

Wednesday Evening
Jean resting after visiting with Jil Finnegan
and having Chinese take-out for supper

From Jean, with help from Matt

Jean has mostly been holding steady since she opened her eyes again Saturday, talking in a very quiet whisper, and eating and drinking.  But she has had more nausea episodes, and several tremors in her right arm and leg. She’s drawn strength from the support she’s received from everyone, both those who have been able to visit, and those who have sent their love from afar.  We worked together on something she could say by way of thanks, and came up with this.

To all those who have been saying in their different ways that you want me to stick around,

Thank you, I have had a wonderful time. I will do my best to stay, but it is not a slam-dunk.  Whatever my future holds, you should all know I love you back, and want the thought of me to help you move forward with your lives.  I have had differences with some of you, a part of life that cannot be avoided.  But at this point none of that matters.  I imagine all of us in a circle, holding hands, then hugging each of you in turn, telling you with all my heart I wish you well.