Saturday, December 15, 2012

Zen Hospice Visitors & Notes - Fri 12-14-12

12/14 Visitors

Karen Creech.  Karen stopped by after work, which today meant representing a mom in a stressful trial in juvenile court.  She stayed late into the evening, watching a movie with Jean.  She has a gentle, patient manner during her visits that Jean finds especially helpful.

Phil Cushway.  This was Phil's first appearance at the hospice, although his letters have made a big impression on Jean.  He agreed to return soon, with some of the chocolate moussse that Jean has been craving. When asked, Phil had a clarification to my description of him as a book designer.  He designs books integrating text and images, where every page is a work of art.

Alison Drury.  Alison is a project manager at URS, where she and Jean collaborated on several efforts.  In those days, they were in the habit of taking a coffee break together in the afternoon. If the day was especially stressful, Jean would treat herself to a packet of chocolate-covered graham crackers, and Alison brought a packet of these magical stress reducers with her to give to Jean.  The two colleagues chatted for a half-hour.  Most of the topics were pleasant, but Alison also talked about her father's liver cancer, and how that helped her empathize with Jean.  

The Garber-Fressolas.  This was Jean's 2nd Skype at the hospice. We caught up with Cindy, Matt, and Lucia just before they left so Lucia could do some holiday shopping/socializing at a mall in Emeryville.  The family was in good spirits, and by appearances Matt made a strong recovery from his heart surgery.  Jean talked about life at the hospice, and we arranged for them to come see things for themselves this Sunday at 2.

Gabe Kurt-Pico.  This was Gabe's 2nd visit to the hospice, and as before both he and Jean appreciated the experience.  This time they talked about movies.  Like Karen Creech, Gabe has a gentle patient manner that hits the spot with Jean.  

12/14 Notes

Three things on the agenda for Jean at the hospice: getting a massage; taking a wheelchair excursion to the garden, or the Samovar Café; trying to walk a step or two with help from the nurses.

Culinary tip -- for $5, the Zen Hospice chef will prepare visitors an excellent meal. This might be the best restaurant bargain in San Francisco!