Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Zen Hospice Journal - Tuesday December 18, 2012

Pearl Door rose, thanks Brian
Jean's new manicure

It was a quiet day at the hospice, perhaps because in the evening the volunteers had their annual holiday party.  During the day Jean had her done in a deeper reddish hue.  In the evening, Brian Vahey came by with a rose from his garden.
A happy couple photographed by
Brian Vahey, March 21,1998
Brian Vahey bringing rose

Brian is a colleague of Jean, who met her in 1990 when he started as a word processor for an engineering firm called Dames and Moore.  They have worked together on many projects, at Dames and Moore, as free lancers (Jean was laid off at Dames and Moore in 1995, not rehired as a regular employee until 2001), and at URS (who acquired Dames and Moore, and Jean's services in the process).  Brian is also an accomplished photographer, and in 1998 he took the pictures at our wedding.

For those who have not seen the hospice, here are some pictures of Jean's room.  It's single occupancy, about 15' by 15', with a sink and a closet.  The light fixture, artwork, and the hospital bed itself are all pleasant touches. The night nurse said she hears the drops hitting the skylight when it rains.
2nd story skylight outside Jean's room

Sink with devotional picture
Ye Olde EZ chair

Our plan is to get more evergreen shrubs to create a minature Christmas forest around the sink.

The view from across the hospital bed, with ez chair and window in background (below).  Note the wooden railings.  To take them own, fold out and then slide under the bed, very Zen.

Hosital bed