Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Zen hospice journal - Monday, December 17

  At the Samovar Café.
From left: Sophie, Chris, Matt, & Jean

The Samovar is on the corner of Page and Laguna, two doors down from hospice; Chris and Sophie are affiliated with the hospice.

This was actually a momentous occasion, the first time Jean has been out of the hospice,  since her arrival on 12/7, and also the longest she has remained in a sitting position.  Jean had herbal tea, and shared a salmon Cesar salad with wasabi dressing with Chris and Matt.  Delicious!

Andy Brodie, Pam Cory, Gabe Kurtz-Pico, and Patricia also visited, alas no pictures.  Andy and Patricia presented Jean with a book she had been wanting, a Russian language translation of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. No details on Pam's visit, but just having the free time to do it seems like a positive development.  Gabe and Jean watched the John Lennon/NYC documentary that Pamela brought over yesterday.