Friday, December 21, 2012

Zen hospice 12/19 - 12/20

 Jean drinking tea, appreciating  plants
Hearing that Jean was in a hospice, one of her friends said that it was impossible to imagine Jean without her garden. But it could be worse; Jean has been assembling a collection of bouquets and indoor plants, a small taste of our lives on Wood St.  Two indoor evergreens are in the back right corner of the bed table in the photo, in the foreground the yellow freesias Nick Galloro brought at lunch time on Wednesday 12/19.

Back massage from Daniel

Before Nick came, Jean has a massage from Daniel, one of the hospice volunteers.  In the afternoon, Jean had a visit from Tara McCulloch.  By the way, Tara and her husband Derek are working on a project to provide holiday cheer to the homeless.  If you are interested, find out more through Derek's Facebook page.

In the evening, Jean Skyped with Jill Irwin, a URS colleague based in Oregon, but she was too tired to talk much.  She was also too tired to socialize when Ann Cornell came to visit Thursday morning 12/19, and Gabe Kurt-Pico said Jean was not very talkative when he saw her that afternoon.  Many have suggested it's possible Jean's tired from having too many visitors over the weekend.  It could also be something like depression; Jean says she's disappointed to be able to go to Florida for the holidays.