Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Saturday, May 15: Miscellany; Pearlita's Working Out Well
Esther's checkup with Dr. Johnson showed continued improvement (see the Health Issues posting). And she's not going to Juneau right now (see the Decisions postings).

Esther's new companion Pearlita seems like a huge improvement,  even without considering the previous companion's ethical problems.  Pearlita gives great showers, and is an amazing housekeeper.  And she seems to really like Esther.  She's in litigation for back wages from Kaiser (she was laid off from her job as an LVN when Kaiser downsized as a cost-saving measure), but she says she wouldn't return to that job: she likes working for Esther more.

She certainly seems to hold Esther in high regard. Recently, Pearlita said "Can I ask you a personal question?"  Esther said yes, and Pearlita asked "Were you a doctor?"  Esther told her no, and asked why she thought that.  Pearlita said it was something about her demeanor.

Saturday, May 8:  Esther Gets her Power Chair!
Esther says it's very comfortable, and convenient for the computer: she doesn't have to push back against the couch to standup, and the camera gets a better view of her when she talks on Skype.

Monday, April 26:  Lillian's Health is not Good
Over the weekend Esther's sister Lillian condition took a turn for the worse, and they called Esther from the convalescent hospital to ask if they should take Lillian to the hospital.  They seemed to be actually asking something else, something only Esther could say because she is listed as the closest family member.  Esther wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do, but she said to take her sister to the hospital, to try to help her get better.  And she's going to to try to change the records so that one of Lillian's children can make the decision next time -- which probably won't be that far off in the future.

Sunday, April 25:  Esther Puts her Hearing Aids in Herself!
It took a while, and afterwards her hands were tired.  And she wasn't quite sure how she did it, and struggled and failed to repeat the feat Monday.  Nevertheless, Sunday was a landmark on her path to regaining her health.

Saturday, April 17: Esther Completes Driver's Ed
Esther completed a day log driver's education class for seniors, with just a half-hour break for lunch.  It's especially impressive when you realize that not log ago she would have been up to the physical challenge of sitting up for that long. However this doesn't mean that she'll necessarily start driving again, just that she wants to keep her options open.

Wednesday, April 14: Gale's Schedule Unchanged for Now
Gale's Mental Health Center hasn't closed for remodeling yet, and may not do so until June. Until that happens, Gale will continue to go to the center as long as they still serve lunch. If they do stop serving lunch, or when the center closes for remodeling, Gale plans to work for mom on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings, instead of just Sunday afternoons.

Monday, April 12: Esther Approved for Motorized Wheelchair
There were no problems with the visit form Kaiser's Durable Medical Equipment group. All they really wanted to do is take measurements so they could get the right chair, and have Esther pick out the color.

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