Sunday, April 4, 2010

Birthday party for Esther

This is the first real post, kind of like a test drive, so we'll keep it short.

Esther's birthday was Monday, April 5, but we celebrated the day before in Walnut Creek with a frozen yogurt cake. Gale was there too, and greatly appreciated the dessert. The rest of the cuisine was Esther's traditional lunch spread, modified for Passover to substitute matzoh for bagels: smoked fish, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. (We'll post pix of the celebration soon).

In other food-related news, Esther was very proud of herself Saturday after dining on a savory meal of fried matzoh. What made it particularly satisfying was that she made it herself, her most ambitious cooking project since she got sick last year. As she puts it, there was no choice if she didn't want to do without -- fried matzoh just isn't in Lianna's culture. She she got out the pan, diced the onions, and cut up the tomatoes -- the works. The only downside was hand pain, she had to wake up in the middle of the night and take a powerful prescription pain killer she's reluctant to use, not wanting anyone to possibly confuse her with that widely syndicated right-wing talk show host.

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