Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Conversation with Esther Sunday, February 6

Picture of the Week #1
Gale & Esther
In front of Esther's house after walking
to the end of Hillview Drive and back.

Picture of the Week #2
Gale & Esther
Just after taking picture #1, in front
of the house where the Graham's lived.

There's been another a big improvement in Gale.  I've been saying that a lot recently.  Now she's willing to go places by herself, she wouldn't do that before.  She just needs to know how to get there.  The other day she was saying she wanted to go to the library, and we talked about who could take her.  And then she said that's OK, I can just take BART.

Did you know Mr. Graham died, our neighbor across the street since we lived in this house.  His son was down from Oregon, and came over to tell me the news.  That was kind of him, he's a nice boy.  He works as a printer, and has three children of his own.

I really enjoy my Saturday visitor Denise.  At first it didn't seem like we'd have much to talk about, but it turns out we do.  It's funny how life turns out, Denise's daughter ended up working in a prison, processing new inmates, after studying something completely different in college.  And she's happy with what she does, she tells everyone about her work.  When she got married, Denise made a photo album of the wedding, and then realized all the pictures were of her family, none of the groom's.  She didn't want to show that version to her new son-in-law because she thought it would offend him.  So she moved some pictures around, added others, and now she has two versions to offer -- but her own son doesn't want either one!  When he was little, he'd always complain that none of the family pictures showed him alone with his parents, they all featured his big sister.  So maybe he felt like he was being ignored again.

Before you came over I was reading on AOL about Egypt.  Now Obama is saying he doesn't want Mubarak to resign, he wants them to take things slowly until the Vice-President can take over.

What were the highlights of my week?  I can think of a few.  First off, I saw a woodpecker on the tree outside my window, with his little red hat.  Imagine, someone from the slums of Philadelphia getting excited by seeing a bird.

Another highlight was seeing Dennis and Ginny when they came up to visit their daughter Becky.  Becky's husband is remodeling their house, so they have no kitchen now, and no bedroom floor.  Dennis and Ginny's daughter in Texas is getting married, and they're going to the wedding.  But they're going to take their time and do some sightseeing on the way down.

And of course there's skipping my blood test this week because my blood counts are so good. That's definitely a highlight.

One thing that wasn't a highlight was the TV.  I turned it on, but the shows were so dull.  Maybe someone who reads the blog can recommend something.  Althogh actually, I'm more interested in books than the TV, please tell me if you've read anything good.

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