Monday, February 21, 2011

A break in the weather

We're spoiled in Northern California, one week of unseasonal cold and rain and you'd guess much of the adult population is confiding notions of cosmic persecution to their indulgent therapists.  It must seem ridiculous to complain, especially on the net when you might be talking to people who are dealing with, you know, like blizzards.  But we couldn't help ourselves, we felt forsaken in last week's mid-February cold snap, after fruit trees had already started blossoming, and then suddenly we couldn't go outside without wearing serious coats and carrying umbrellas.

And then just as suddenly, last Sunday, the siege lifted.  And behold, our suffering might even had had a purpose.  There was Mt. Diablo, dusted with snow, a sight that might come around every decade or so.  And the hills were a vivid green, an ephemeral, but almost painfully beautiful state they achieve for a few weeks in a non-drought year.

Time to get out ye olde cell phone and take some pix...

Gale and Esther out for walk, 
blossoms in background

Looking up towards the Esther's house

Oak tree out back of Esther's house

Hills as seen from Esther's living room

Woodland creature in Esther's backyard.

And there's the proof, Mt. Diablo really 
did get  some snow! Proof positive 
snapped just before 
the Ygnacio off-ramp on 680.

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