Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Conversation with Terrye, Sunday January 16

[Terrye, like Eta, is involved in show biz.  She's working on an English language technical manual for a company that manages some aspect of TV networks, like CNN or Fox News.  And like Eta, she's a rush of verbal energy.  She saw us online around midnight her time and decided to Skype us.]

"I'm fine, baruch ha'shem.  There been a terrible flu going around, but I've been OK.  And we've had a little rain recently, which is especially welcome after that big fire.  It's not so much as tinderbox as it was before."

"Eta and Gidon are living in Sde Bar, about 5 minutes from Tekoah.  Sde Bar means "wild field" in Hebrew, and it's a place for boys from troubled backgrounds. Gidon works there as kind of a handyman and engineer, occasionally even setting up factories.  He also has a home renovation business, and hasn't had time to pursue formal studies in engineering.  Gidon is always busy, always going things, it's one of the traits he and Eta share."

"Eta has already done a few films, and loves her studies.  She was commuting by train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, and then about a month ago there was a fire on one of the passenger cars.  Some soldiers shot out the windows so that the people could escape.  However, it turned out that a third of all the railway cars in Israel were defective, so they had to shut down all but the most essential lines."

"Since then, Eta has had to do her commute by bus.  At first it was terrible, the buses were always caught in traffic jams.  But then they added car pool lanes, and now it's even faster than the train was."

"Eta is on scholarship, and one of the requirements is that she choose a volunteer work assignment from an approved list.  This year she chose a home for severely retarded children and adults.  Eta does office work, sometimes organizes 'soccer' games (they may not follow all the rules, but they have fun kicking the ball). It's OK, but she doesn't like working with adults as much as children.  Last year she had a great volunteer job, working at an after school program for disadvantaged grade school children.  That program wasn't on the approved list for her scholarship, but next year Eta hopes do do something similar, doing volunteer work with troubled teenagers."

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