Saturday, June 5, 2010

Window on the World -- June 2010 at the JCC Current Events Group

Friday, June 4
Attack on the Flotilla

"It was a small group this time, and they seemed very disturbed about the news.  But of course we talked about it.   The group said it had to be looked into.  Israel may have reacted as expected, not knowing what was on the boat.  It may have been right, but not smart.  Just not smart.  But when they look into it more, maybe something will show up that's not there now."

"I don't know what you would call it.  They sided with Israel, but they were sad.  One loud mouth in the group said Israel should have consulted with America before doing anything.  That annoyed everybody.  And how did he know Israel didn't consult? Maybe it was acting as our cat's paw.  But there were some U.S. citizens on the flotilla.  It's difficult to come to grips with.  I heard there were suicide bombers on the boat too. [Going to Gaza?] I guess it's possible."

"I talked to the moderator Richard during intermission.  He said a few years ago, the list of Israel's three strongest allies, would have been America, Turkey, and Germany.  And now Turkey's off the list.  Not really because of the attack, they became unfriendly after they elected an Islamic government."

"J magazine came in the mail, the magazine for the Jewish community published in San Francisco.  They always have a pro and con page in every issue, and this time it was about the flotilla.  It seemed to say the same things as the current events group, I'd better read it carefully so I'll be prepared for next time.   [Want more links to news articles?] If they shed new light on things."

"When I got back Gale asked me when we'd talked about, and I told her, she hadn't heard about the attack.  It's the first I remember her taking an interest in what I'm doing.  She did a beautiful job cleaning up my desk, she couldn't have done it with her eyes closed. She's getting something from working for me too."

"There is one things that concerns me about her though, it's that she's always so thirsty.  That could be a sign of diabetes.  Gale didn't want me to mention it her psychiatrist, Dr. Bernstein, but I think I'm going to anyway."


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