Friday, June 18, 2010

June News

Monday, June 14: Eta arrives from Israel, leaving for Los Angeles June 20

Eta's spending a week in Walnut Creek on her way to Los Angeles, where she'll be demonstrating/modeling cosmetics in a shopping mall.  When she returns to Israel in September she'l start college, majoring in film.  Her goal is to make news documentaries.  

Wednesday, June 16: Mickey returns to Alaska; Esther goes all the way to Kaiser in her power chair!

Mickey returned to Alaska today, but before leaving he went on another journey that was in some ways longer and more perilous.  With Mickey strolling beside her, Esther drove her power chair down Hillview Dr., then across the Knolls to San Miguel, and then through town to her appointment at Kaiser!  She hadn't even known Kaiser was in battery range.  And of course if Kaiser is within her compass, so is Safeway, and this gallant senior could conceivably do some of her own shopping again, all by herself.  Needless to say, she had no truck with false modesty when she called around to spread the joyous tidings. 

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