Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Disappointing MRI, Jean Could Use Some Encouragement

Jean's MRI Tuesday showed continued tumor progression.  The temozolomide she's been taking only slowed down tumor grown, so UCSF is considering stopping her prescription; they will tell us their decision after the tumor board reviews her case Thursday.  At the same time, she will not be able to use the Novocure device until the scars from last week's surgery heals.  That could take a month, although UCSF will re-evaluate her every week. However, there is a very real possibility at a critical time, Jean could go without any treatment from UCSF.

There are other options, both in conventional and CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine).  In the conventional department, we will be in Los Angeles next week to talk to a UCLA neuro-surgeon about a phase I clinical trial of aCTL and a phase II clinical trial of dendritic cell vaccine, both of which use the body's immune system against tumors cells.  In the CAM department we are looking into hyperthermia therapy and other Gorter-method techniques, available at Dr. Gorter's clinic in Cologne.
If you had been thinking of phoning Jean, or sending her a card, now would be an opportune moment.  The truth is she's a little demoralized.  Of course it's hard to know what to say to somebody with a life threatening illness, but one of Jean's wonderful qualities is her ability to receive positive energy from other people.  No matter what you say, she'll know you are thinking about her and wishing her well in a difficult situation, and she will draw draw strength from that.

If you need our full street address or phone number, or want to set up a visit, email us at  Jean personal email address is, and of course you can also write to her there.