Monday, September 5, 2011

Esther at Manor Care Rehab Hospital

Saturday, August 13.  Last day at Kaiser, reading her Northern Californian Jewish Newspaper.  She still needs extra oxygen after 3 weeks at Manor Care.

Sunday, August 14.  With her eldest child Gale, first day at Manor Care.  Gale is devoted to Esther, and has been a big help in her time of need.

Friday, August 19.  With Jean, day six at Manor Care.  Esther has often said that she draws strength from Jean's example of coping with a life-threatening disease. Note the cell phone on Esther's chest. Sometimes you can reach her on that phone number, and sometimes she even makes calls.

Friday, August 19.  Reading Life of Pi the old-fashioned way, with the help of a book holder.  Esther still had a cast on her left arm (subsequently removed), and her right hand was weak too, making it hard for her to turn the pages.  Esther had previous listened to an unabridged version of the book that she downloaded from, but as often happens, she saw different things in the text when she actually read it.  For one thing, the italicized author's meditations are difficult to render by voice.

Saturday August 20.  On day seven at Manor Care, Esther caught up with the 21st Century by getting a Nook reader from Barnes and Nobles, pre-loaded with Life of Pi.  The Nook is lighter and smaller than a paperback book, and it's also easier to turn the pages, if not exactly as easy.  As of September 4 she's up to p. 301, and when she finishes she can choose between The Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler, and The Help by Kathryn Stockett (now a major motion picture).  If you have other suggestions about books available in Nook format, please let us know. 

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