Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Esther at Kaiser Hospital, Walnut Creek, part 1

Esther after arriving at ER, Sun. July 31
She was in severe pain from her left hip and left shoulder.

Esther at ER, Sun. July 31, a little bit later
She felt more comfortable after being seen by a doctor.

Esther, Pearlita, stuffed cat and doll, Mon Aug 1
The stuffed cat was a gift for her kids, the doll was for Esther
As you can see, Esther liked it

Tue, Aug 2, after hip operation: Esther and Jean in Intensive Care.
Esther was alert and in a good mood, only a few hours after the operation.

Tue Aug2, after hip operation.  Esther and Heidi in Intensive Care.
Heidi has worked with Esther since she was in Tiffany Court,
helping her to organize her papers.  Heidi has problems of her own -- like many worthy souls, she was hit hard by the collapse of the housing
market.  But she made time in her difficult life to come and support Esther.


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