Saturday, March 5, 2011

Glenn, Alicia and Esther

Alicia and her dad Glenn came to visit Esther last Sunday, sharing their latest news in a lively, far-ranging conversation that Esther obviously enjoyed.  This being the 21st century, one of the big topics was computer technology, and we learned that Alicia uses a Sony laptop, Glenn a Lenovo.

Glenn uses his laptop to create PowerPoints for presentations, such as the scholarly/serious talk he gave at the recent Sacramento Valley Community College Math (SVCCM) conference. Titled "Is 0 Equal to Pi Equal to Infinity," Glenn developed mathematical ideas he's been thinking about for some time, illustrated with anecdotes for his experience teaching college math.  If that sounds interesting take note, the next SVCCM conference will be at Sierra College.

On the other hand, Alicia users her laptop mainly for computer games, preferring her desktop when she needs to use Word for homework assignments.

Said homework is Alicia's main complaint about the 7th grade.  She's not against it in principle, but there's just so much of it!  It takes up most of her time between 3:30, when she gets home from school, and 10, when she goes to bed.  And that's a typical schedule those like Alicia who are in her shcool's high achiever program.

But what does she like about school?  The dances, for one thing.  And English is her favorite subject, she's trying to write a book although she hasn't yet finalized the title or the theme.  She's interested in Spanish, but the teacher is really strict.  (Spanish was her only B, her other grades were all As). As for math, she really does NOT like word problem, and thinks exponents are booooring.  But polynomials are tolerable, at least for now.

And what else can she tell us about the 7th grade experience?  There are fights, and some teasing, but nothing that she's been involved it.  The high achiever prograsm kids are treated just like any others in the hallway and the lunch room.

Anything she's especially looking forward to?  Yes, getting her braces off.  She started wearing them of May of last year, and people wear them two hears on average.  Do the math.  She can expect to be lose them about the same time she finishes with 8th grade.

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