Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 17, 2010 : Pictures of the week

Esther Reading the Sunday paper, Sunday around 1:30 pm PT.
She was a bit tired and glum, and around an hour later she went
down for a nap.  She also napped in the morning, not her usual 
routine, but Esther didn't seem worried.  The Kaiser doctors told her to 
to give it a few days and see if the blood transfusion (on Saturday) 
helped with the fatigue.  So it doesn't seem like she' s having a bad 
reaction to the transfusion after all.  Instead, she was having health
problems all week, without telling people (or without people listening
carefully enough to what she was saying). 

Esther, minutes later: The Return of the Smile
She can't stay glum for long, even when she's feeling under the
weather.  In fact, before we left she said that she was feeling
better than she had in the morning, and expected tomorrow
morning to be even better...we'll see how that assessment
holds up.
Mia, Gale, and Mickey near Esther on the Couch
It was lucky for Esther that Mickey scheduled his visit for this
week.  And even luckier that her brought Mia with him, and elegant
spirited pooch who immediately won Gale's heart.  The attraction isn't 
mutual yet -- Mia adamantly refused to let Gale take her for a walk. 
But M & M will be down for another week, and Gale isn't easily disuaded

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