Friday, May 28, 2010

From Alaska with love, then back again with same

Mickey and Esther at the new Berkeley Bowl, May 2010.

Do not be misled by the brooding expression on Mickey's
face.  He was contemplating a serious technical issue, whether Esther should get a new iPod nano, or a new cell phone with digital camera included.  Esther does have an image to maintain, she's considered in some circles to be one of the tech savviest bubbies in Walnut Creek (she Googles, Facebooks, Skypes, the works).  On the other hand, Mickey's worried that one of the new smart phones might so overloaded with featues she'll never use that she'll get discouraged (e.g., a keyboard too small for fingers still on the path to recovery from amyloidosis). So he's inclined towards the Nano.

If you have a different opinion, tell her soon, because the Nano order is slated to be placed next week.

Mickey's back in Alaska, where he's engrossed in the joys of co-parenting his daughter Sasha, a delightful young lady who was fitted with braces soon after his return.  But he'll be down for another short visit next September, and we're all looking forward to that.

And in case you missed this classic photo from Mickey's Fall '09 visit, see below for Mickey and Esther taking a stroll down Hillview Dr.  It's classic not because that particular walk was earth shaking, but because it was typical of the many things he did to help Esther on her path to recovery.

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